The US is Waging a Quiet Scientific War Against Iran

The story below is reproduced from MintPress News. Author’s note: Until now, the story reported here has been unknown to me and perhaps many others. As a scientist (my degree is in Astronomy and Astrophysics), this story strikes very close to home. Science has always been universally dedicated to discovering the truth, no matter what … More The US is Waging a Quiet Scientific War Against Iran

Einstein’s Triumph – This Day 100 Years Ago!

Up until the turn of the 20th century, the natural universe was governed by Newton’s Laws; the study of Physics was known as “Natural Philosophy” and the compendium of the laws of nature and the mathematics governing them and the universe as we understood it was published in Newton’s famous 1687 work “Philosophiæ Naturalis Principia … More Einstein’s Triumph – This Day 100 Years Ago!

The Danger of Religious Myth and Zealotry in the Nuclear Age

The founding fathers of the United States were wise in codifying the separation of church and state into the constitution. At the time of the country’s inception and ratification of the constitution, they couldn’t have imagined the weapons that would eventually be developed, weapons that amount to nothing less than an existential threat to the … More The Danger of Religious Myth and Zealotry in the Nuclear Age

Peering into ‘The Heart of Darkness’

In an unprecedented observation of a class of objects that have been the center of much attention since they were first postulated by Karl Schwarzchild in 1916 using Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity, a world-wide collaboration of astronomers will release tomorrow, the first ever images of 2 super-massive black holes, Sagittarius-A at the center of … More Peering into ‘The Heart of Darkness’

January’s Super Blood ‘Wolf’ Moon – Tonight!

The first full moon of the new year occurs tonight – as a fully-eclipsed Super moon! If anything did, this event errily sounds more like a scene from a modern Frankenstein or Warewolf drama, right? Well, no; what we will observe is the confluence of two separate phenomena: the moon at its perigee, its closest … More January’s Super Blood ‘Wolf’ Moon – Tonight!

A Christmas Message

The following quote from the gospel according to Matthew is often found on holiday greeting cards and is heard around the world during this season as a message of peace and hope; the year is over and it’s time to rest, to be with family, friends and to prepare for the new year. “And having … More A Christmas Message

Winter Solstice, 2018

This year’s Winter Solstice occurs tomorrow, Friday, December 21st at 5:23 PM, EST. You may have heard this term used quite often, perhaps in newscasts, newspapers or magazines. Just what is the Winter Solstice and, the question may occur to you, are there analogs to this phenomenon for the other seasons? Well it turns out … More Winter Solstice, 2018

Dark Matter and Dark Energy Explained? Well, not really

Ever since it was discovered that the rotational dynamics of spiral galaxies were inconsistent with the observed mass of those galaxies, it has been postulated that missing mass or dark matter was responsible. With fellow staff-member Kent Ford, astronomer Vera Rubin announced at a 1975 meeting of the American Astronomical Society the discovery that most stars in spiral galaxies orbit at roughly … More Dark Matter and Dark Energy Explained? Well, not really