I have a voice to raise and shoulders to put to the wheel & will work for climate action to mitigate the effect of Mr. Trump and his scrum of climate deniers. (a 420-character 9-line poem with music)

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Messages of hope need to be out there for us to grab onto & grow strong; the Paris Agreement is one such. Despite the urgings of Mr Trump & Myron Ebell, our country cannot roll back its support. This music video from 1 Million Women calls for women…

Climate Change Has Become An Existential Threat

The term “Existential Threat” literally means a threat to existence and, by definition, something whose scope is beyond our ability to control. The science on Climate Change has long been decided and, regardless of the “opinions” of some, it persists as a threat; you are entitled to your own opinions, not your own facts. Some … More Climate Change Has Become An Existential Threat

“Anyone who denies over a century’s worth of established science & basic facts is unqualified to be the administrator of the EPA…the Senate needs to stand up to Scott Pruitt & his dangerous views.” (Sen. Schatz) (420 character-9-liner on Pruitt’s lies)

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https://youtu.be/SHzRBMBVu-4 LIE: “I think that measuring, with precision, human activity on the climate is something very challenging to do & there’s tremendous disagreement about the degree of impact.” No, Scott Pruitt, it is EASY to measure & there is OVERWHELMING agreement. Carbon Dioxide is the PRIMARY greenhouse gas…

NASA Discovery Reveals Largest Group of Earth-Size Planets In Habitable Zone

A team of astronomers using NASA’s Spitzer Space Telescope, an orbiting platform that observes the universe exclusively in the InfraRed  region of the spectrum, have announced the unprecedented discovery of a group of Earth-size planets in orbit around the cool, low-mass red dwarf star TRAPPIST-1, three of which lie within the star’s habitable zone! The habitable zone … More NASA Discovery Reveals Largest Group of Earth-Size Planets In Habitable Zone

As feared, EPA could be gutted. I oppose the nomination of Scott Pruitt with his extensive record of weakening or ending the very protections EPA enforces.

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RESIST. Please email your U.S. Senators and urge them to oppose Scott Pruitt’s nomination and to demand a nominee who is committed to protecting our clean air and water and to implementing common-sense solutions to address climate change. See link below. http://www.audubon.org/news/as-feared-early-reports-indicate-epa-could-be-gutted https://action.audubon.org/onlineactions/DeNRXw_Tkkm8LztoommA4w2?ms=policy-adv-web-website_nas-card-201701xx_pruitt&utm_source=website_nas&utm_medium=web&utm_campaign=201701xx_pruitt&_ga=1.108243589.682383077.1379723792


I am older now and fondly remember the late spring, the fresh, clean air, the smell of lilacs wafting about, the beautiful cherry blossoms all abloom surrounding my childhood home, Vega and Lyra ascending the northeast during astronomical twilight. I write about these things now during the opposite season, three days after the winter solstice … More Hope

Election 2016, The Death of The American Presidency

Ever since the election results came in two weeks ago, I’ve been attempting to accurately articulate my reaction. Thinking back over the highlights from the daily news cycles since the election and quickly scanning today’s news while attempting to finally articulate my reaction, the title of this article emerged. In all aspects, my reaction and … More Election 2016, The Death of The American Presidency