October’s Super Hunter’s Moon

Last month, we had the Super BloodMoon, a very rare event with the confluence of a total lunar eclipse and lunar perigee occurring during the full moon phase. Although the full moon phase is the only phase during which a lunar eclipse can occur, that it occurred during lunar perigee was purely coincidental. This month we have the Hunter’s Supermoon. The designation, … More October’s Super Hunter’s Moon

Close Pass of Asteroid 2015 TB145 on Halloween Underscores Need for Science

That the announcement an asteroid will pass 1.3 Earth-moon distances, or about 500,000 kilometers from the earth on Halloween was met with a collective sigh of relief misses two larger points: 1) that we, basically, never saw this coming and 2) we are woefully unprepared to cope with it and its aftermath in the event … More Close Pass of Asteroid 2015 TB145 on Halloween Underscores Need for Science

Humiliated, World Renown Astronomer Resigns

Amid allegations of sexual harassment, world renown astronomer and UC Berkley Professor Dr. Geoffrey Marcy announced his intention to resign his post as a member of the faculty and professor of astronomy at the prestigious university.  Having held this position for 16 years, Dr. Marcy made the announcement on Wednesday, October 14th. He is a … More Humiliated, World Renown Astronomer Resigns

October Skies

Early October ———-Twilight —————–Arcturus, ——————–brilliant in the Northwest, shimmering red-orange against the deep azure sky; ——————–this giant star’s core at temperatures only a god can comprehend, synthesizing carbon and oxygen; —————-We, ——————-all of us, bound by this common origin, composed of elements forged in the nuclear cauldrons of ——————-long-dead stars, look up at the stars … More October Skies