New Twitter Account for Astronomy Topic Of The Day

I’ve established a new Twitter account for this blog at   @AstroTopic

Please feel free to stop by and visit.

Some of my recent posts

Element117-e1451941953387New Elements Added to Periodic Table


Screenshot-from-New-Horizons.mp4-1038x5342015 Quite a Year!


cropped-cropped-fullmoon_cs2_unsharpmastappimcontrast_100_6065.jpgRare Christmas Full Moon


star-warsStar Wars, The Force Awakens


WinterSolstice-7Winter Solstice, 2015



Some of the more popular or widely read posts

GMarcy_05July15LickObsHumiliated, World Renown Astronomer Resigns


p2014nov13aWhy the Thirty Meter Telescope Project must be Allowed to Proceed



LORRI_PlutoFlyBy-Image-2NASA Releases New High Res Images of Pluto



Artists rendition of a foreground black hole bending (lensing) the light from the Galactic center




101715_genrel_cover-cropEinstein’s GTR



Edwin Powell Hubble (1889-1953), US astronomer and cosmologist, with an image of a galaxy. In 1923, using the 100-inch telescope at the Mount Wilson Observatory, where he worked for most of his life, Hubble observed Cepheid variable stars in the Andromeda nebula, proving it was a galaxy outside our own. He later introduced the classification of galaxies (spirals, barred spirals, ellipticals). In 1929, he announced Hubble's Law, that galaxies move apart faster the further away they are, key evidence for the expansion of the universe.

Hubble’s Birthday


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