We Stand Against Public Shaming

I wholeheartedly endorse this article and am proud to share it with my readers and the larger astronomical community!

As an addition to this piece and in support of its spirit and intent, an Independent Petition Opposing the Public Shaming of Professional Scientists was originally posted here.
Update: In act of blatant censorship, the Independent Petition opposing the public shaming of Professional Scientists has been disabled by the petition site administrator.


The following post has circulated in the underground of the astronomy community since October 2015, at the latest.  It has been passed along and repeatedly edited by astronomers, primarily young and female,  waiting for a publishing home where they wouldn’t be censored or shamed for their point of view.  This post is largely responsible for the existence of this website.  We thank the many women who contributed for inspiring the rest of us to action.

Over the last year the astronomy community has experienced several conflicts surrounding individual scientists (e.g. the biologist Tim Hunt and astronomers Matt Taylor, Shri Kulkarni and Geoff Marcy) who were accused for sexism and behavior hostile to women in physics and astronomy. These scientists were defamed over Twitter, Facebook and other social media.  A mobbing of these individuals has taken place, sometimes with strong consequences for their lives, far exceeding any of the damage that…

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