NASA Releases Stunning Martian Panorama

MarsPanorama(PIA15689)This recently released panorama from NASA’s Mars Exploration Rover Opportunity is a composite of 817 images acquired over a 4 month period  during the most recent Martian Winter. Opportunity’s Pancam took the component images between the 2,811-th Martian day, or sol, of the rover’s Mars surface mission (Dec. 21, 2011) and Sol 2,947 (May 8, 2012). During that time, the rover was busy at “Greeley Haven”, a northward-sloped outcrop that provides a favorable orientation for the rover’s solar panels and the altitude of the sun, low in the northern sky during the southern hemisphere winter.

The image is a composite of near infrared, green and violet images and is presented in false color to accentuate the differences between different materials, making them more visible and easier to see.

Bright wind-blown deposits on the left are banked up against the Greeley Haven outcrop. Opportunity’s tracks can be seen extending from the south with a turn-in-place and other maneuvers executed to position the rover more favorably at Greeley Haven. The tracks in some locations expose darker underlying soils by disturbing an overlying thin, bright dust cover.

With a diameter spanning 22 kilometers, Endeavor Crater can be seen with its interior visible just below the horizon towards the right.

North is in the center of the image with south at either side.

In an unprecedented mission of success, Opportunity Rover has been operating on Mars since 2004. It’s twin sister, Spirit, lost mobility in 2009 and fell silent at Troy on Sol 2210 (22 March, 2010).

Full press release here.

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3 thoughts on “NASA Releases Stunning Martian Panorama

  1. Indeed, that is an impressive pic. I wonder when will be the first new art paintings, featuring Martian nature instead of the green forests, hanging on the walls of spacey living rooms? Soothing pictures of the calm, red desert?

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