Jupiter Exhibits Brilliant Auroral Display

Just days before the arrival of NASA’s Juno spacecraft at Jupiter on 4 July, astronomers using the Hubble Space Telescope have observed brilliant auroral displays at Jupiter’s north polar region. It should be noted that this is not the first instance the Hubble telescope has been used to observe aurorae on Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and … More Jupiter Exhibits Brilliant Auroral Display

Kepler K2 Mission Finds Nascent Exoplanet Around Young Star

In another first for extrasolar planetary astronomy, it was announced on 20 June that NASA’s Kepler Space Telescope, reconfigured and designated as the “K2 Mission”, has discovered the youngest exoplanet to date orbiting a brand new star. Follow-up confirmation observations were made using the W. M. Keck Observatory’s twin 10 meter telescopes on Mauna Kea, … More Kepler K2 Mission Finds Nascent Exoplanet Around Young Star

Environmentalists Manage to Kill the Last Nuclear Power Station in California

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From Forbes: Diablo Canyon Power Plant, 2009 photo from offshore. The light beige domes are the containment structures for Unit 1 and 2 reactors. The brown building is the turbine building where electricity is generated and sent to the grid. In the foreground is the Administration Building (black…

A World Of Strings

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Welcome to the theory where everything is made of strings. They’re much as you might imagine from everyday life; strings can wiggle and contort in myriad ways. In doing so they give rise to particles and forces. Remarkably, the motion of a string can encode both particles and forces. To…

Second Confirmed Source of Gravitational Radiation

Audio rendition of Two Black Holes Merging Since Time immemorial, we have looked up at the night sky with our eyes, and perceived the universe and the world around us using Electromagnetic Radiation. That may be changing now with the news that a second source of Gravity Waves has been detected and confirmed by the … More Second Confirmed Source of Gravitational Radiation

Enigmatic New World Discovered Orbiting Young Star

In a recent article we described a newly discovered, relatively close planetary system hosting 3 earth-class planets in orbit around an ultra-cool red dwarf star. That star’s mass was just above the stellar mass threshold for it to sustain hydrogen fusion reactions in its core, or Hydrogen Burning Mass limit, the threshold below which internal gravitational … More Enigmatic New World Discovered Orbiting Young Star