A World Of Strings

We partition strings into two categories. Open strings have two endpoints. These might be fixed like on a guitar or could be free to move as they please. Fixing the endpoints in particular ways gives rise to distinct vibrational patterns. Closed strings have no endpoints and so form a complete loop.

A brilliant yet easily understood treatise on String Theory; one of the best articles on the subject I’ve read. Article by Owais Najam reblogged from “The Brilliant Cosmos“. In his latest article, “Strings and Particles“,  Owais discusses why string theory is a candidate for a fundamental unified theory and how strings correspond to the fundamental particles we observe, particles such as protons, neutrons and electrons.

The Brilliant Cosmos

Welcome to the theory where everything is made of strings. They’re much as you might imagine from everyday life; strings can wiggle and contort in myriad ways. In doing so they give rise to particles and forces. Remarkably, the motion of a string can encode both particles and forces.

To understand string theory we must study the physics of strings. It’s good to start with a musical example: you’re playing guitar in a rock band. It’s a huge gig and the crowd is expectant. Once the noise has died down you pluck your first string. It begins to move, producing a characteristic musical note.

As you play, your fingers cause other strings to vibrate. Depending on their shape and size they sound at different pitches. The overall effect is a breathtaking display of harmony and rhythm; it’s no wonder you guys are so successful. And all because of some…

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