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I remember when K-25 was discontinued, very sad; some of my best work was done with that film: https://astronomytopicoftheday.files.wordpress.com/2016/09/tse_11july91cabosl.jpg .

Indeed, different times; sometimes memories are a blessing and a curse. Cherish the memory but try not to live in the past; its not as easy as it may seem. Try to use those memories to guide and inspire the current generation who can never experience those times. I would dare say they were better times in so many ways.

Indeed! Thank you for the memories, Kodak!

tse_11july91caboslFeatured image: composite of 22 frames from the 1991 Total Solar eclipse as imaged from Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. with my 15 cm reflecting telescope and K-25!

Words We Women Write

Nobody uses it.  Everybody loves it.


Kodachrome is the stuff of dreams. It’s a day at the beach, that glorious prom dress, a backyard BBQ, the big-number-ending-in-zero birthday, all captured and lived over and over in slide shows we never tire of watching.

Kodachrome ~ the Queen of Film ~ gave us snapshots of our lives for years. A small family-owned business in Kansas, Dwayne Steinie’s Photo, used its meagre stash of Kodak chemicals to process the last roll of film on December 30, 2010.

There are no more yellow boxes.

No more cans of film.

Backyard BBQ Backyard BBQ

Just a mother lode of memories.

Thanks, Kodak. ♥

Toni 9/8/16

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