Syrian kids need help. Give to aid groups with people on the ground. While they couldn’t save his brother, it did wrest Omran from the rubble.

Except for the inclusion of this rather touching video:
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Words We Women Write

Dogs vs Kids, a Kristof column, got me thinking about how to help those kids. None of this is their fault.Sending money to the aid groups with people on the ground in Syria is the most immediate way to help kids like Omran.

This list comes from Elena Cresci on The Guardian:

SAMS Foundation

Doctors from the Syrian American Medical Society (SAMS) treated Omran at a hospital they support in Aleppo. They operate 106 medical facilities in Syria, providing both general and specialised care. In 2015, they treated an estimated 2.6 million Syrians.

Syria Civil Defence

Dubbed The White Helmets, Syria Civil Defence is an organisation led by 2,900 volunteer search and rescue workers. Its “hero fund” goes towards providing treatment for volunteers injured while helping civilians and supporting the families of those killed.

British Red Cross

The British Red Cross works with its partner the Syrian Arab…

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