The Same Standard For All

One of the very first articles I published in this blog related the plight of the world famous astronomer Geoffrey Marcy and how his extraordinarily productive career in astronomy was cut tragically short. The article was, essentially, a defense of Dr. Marcy and an attempt to point out the glaring hypocrisy of those in power and how Geoff’s career in astronomy came to a sudden halt largely as a result of that hypocrisy. Having been accused of actions consistent with those facing Donald Trump as he pushes forward in his bid for president, Dr. Marcy has been essentially exonerated yet, his career in astronomy is over. Why is Donald Trump accorded such extraordinary latitude and leniency for actions with demonstrable and admitted culpability when Dr. Geoff Marcy basically did nothing but yet his career in astronomy is over? What is good for Dr. Marcy is good for Donald Trump.

The daily parade of absurdities, offenses and reports of lascivious and repulsive behavior arising from this country’s election cycle, originating from an individual who would dare walk in the same shoes as Abraham Lincoln and sit in that same Oval Office, filling the chair occupied by such greats as JFK,  are as repugnant as they are frequent. Many, ignoring this individual’s behaviors, excuse him, suggesting that the greater good he would achieve for the country outweighs these egregious transgressions, transgressions where anyone else would have already been incarcerated. Indeed, articles of impeachment were filed against President (William) Clinton for behaviors consistent with those this individual has admitted to and who is seeking that self same office, the office of President of the United States, that same office President Clinton occupied! Donald Trump, an individual who could only be characterized as a depraved narcissist, is receiving a free pass for actions that bespeak the lack of any moral compass or character, actions that others would have been in prison for. A uniform and just application of morality and ethics demands that he be replaced or removed or, at the very least, held to account for what he is being accused of. Lest this greatest and most important aspect of any democracy, the choosing of the next leader through a just and impartial vote be relegated to the level of farce, the same standards have to be applied to him and to all, most especially to him as he is seeking high public office, the highest office in the country.

That he has no meaningful political experience notwithstanding or his lack of character, that important aspect of anyone’s personality that can be observed, unvarnished, in those moments when an individual believes no one is watching or listening, would be just fine for so many, for him to represent this country to the world, is deeply disturbing. What would his actions or decisions be when faced with a difficult choice, a choice only successfully made by someone with a strong moral constitution and character? He has neither the character nor the temperament to be president and should have already been arrested for what he has boasted of doing, speaking in a situation where he believed no one was listening. That he is being seriously considered as the next president of the United States by such a large percentage of the electorate is deeply troubling.

All our science, measured against reality, is primitive and childlike-and yet it is the most precious thing we have

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