On Elections and Tragedies

While this country and the world remain entertained by the cheap theater masquerading as an election cycle, whole nations are disappearing, men, women and children by the thousands are dying everyday with untold suffering remaining for those who survive, hospitals, those places even the Nazis respected, are being bombed and destroyed – with cluster bombs, malevolent devices … More On Elections and Tragedies

White Helmets targeted by Assad. This is an internationally renowned group of rescue volunteers now turned to rubble.

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Unprecedented escalation of the Syrian government air campaign opens five-foot deep craters. Unspeakable. http://knkx.org/post/syrias-famed-white-helmets-group-says-its-being-targeted-new-offensive Also civil defense centers: https://youtu.be/APn1OwNZRrw

Syrian kids need help. Give to aid groups with people on the ground. While they couldn’t save his brother, it did wrest Omran from the rubble.

Originally posted on Words We Women Write :
https://youtu.be/3OsKoOMSpzc http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2016/08/20/omran-daqneeshs-brother-ali-dies-from-wounds-suffered-in-aleppo/ Dogs vs Kids, a Kristof column, got me thinking about how to help those kids. None of this is their fault.Sending money to the aid groups with people on the ground in Syria is the most immediate way to help kids like Omran. ? This list…

Galactic Relic Terzan 5

The object discussed in this article, Terzan 5, was featured in yesterday’s (21 September) Astronomy Picture of the Day In a few articles I’ve touched upon a poorly understood class of objects known as Globular Clusters. These objects and the stars in them are galactic relics, timeposts that hearken back to a much earlier epoch … More Galactic Relic Terzan 5